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Mohave County Implements Catalyst Radio over IP Dispatch Solution

When the existing radio dispatch console system was destroyed by lightning in August 2012, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office in Kingman, AZ opted for replacement with new state-of-the-art Radio over IP (RoIP) dispatch consoles by Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc. of Forest, VA. The consoles were provided through the local Catalyst distributor and existing Mohave County Radio Communications Service Provider, Wecom, Inc., from their Kingman offices.

The Catalyst IP|Console™ system is now the primary radio communications solution for the County Dispatch Center at Mohave County Sheriff’s Office.  From here, radio dispatch takes place with thirteen (13) main radio channels and numerous backup and secondary channels to the whole of Mohave County, an area that covers over 13,500 square miles.  The IP|Console™ system provides radio access to each of the local PSAP’s Police Department dispatch channels and all the local Fire Districts’ channels, as well as State, Federal and the Arizona Interagency Radio System (AIRS) channels, which are designed to provide interoperable communications capability to first responders of police, fire, and EMS agencies.

As with any new installation, bumps in the road are expected and this was no exception.  “But,” said Jody Schanaman, Dispatch Supervisor for Mohave County, “all issues that have arisen since the initial installation have been addressed immediately. Wecom has been exceedingly available usually within an hour to be able to remotely access the system and resolve the issue. If the issue required on-site support they have been able to respond a tech physically within a short period of time.”  The dispatchers particularly appreciate features like Instant Transmit, Call History, Call Playback and the headset box that allows them to share the same headset between the telephone and radio systems.

According to Vice President and COO of Wecom, Paul Fleming, selection of the Catalyst RoIP dispatch solution was the most expedient, leading-edge solution that best fit Mohave County’s immediate needs for a replacement system.  “One of the great things about the Catalyst product is that it’s mostly software that runs on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, so the delivery schedule can be greatly accelerated if need be. We had the Mohave County system up and running within 30 days of placing the order.  Catalyst provided excellent support to our staff.”

Catalyst President Robin Grier stated, “We found great partners to work with on this project, both with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office and with our local distributor, Wecom.  I am always proud to be associated with such knowledgeable and public-safety minded individuals in providing a robust, reliable dispatch solution like our IP|Console™.”

IP|Console™  is one of several Catalyst dispatch console products for critical communications agencies.


About Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc. 

Catalyst markets Radio Control over IP technology for the Land Mobile Radio Industry and is a force for change in the effort to bring Internet-derived technologies into push-to-talk voice applications.   Catalyst focuses on products that leverage standard Windows-based computers to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of network operators and end users.  Catalyst’s extensive product line significantly enhances communications systems by seamlessly bridging wireless and wireline communications networks for dispatch and network-based interoperability.

About Wecom Inc.

Wecom, Inc. is a factory authorized dealer of Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc. with offices in Kingman, AZ and Henderson, NV.

IP|Console™  is a trademark of Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc.


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